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Story: Having mental illness makes it hard to imagine all of the wonderful possibilities that may still lie ahead. When it strikes, it can crush your dreams and every past achievement and accomplishment, every moment you’ve ever been proud of. You may feel stripped of your former self, completely unrecognizable to yourself and seemingly to family and friends. Whether real or imagined, every mention of your name is now quickly followed by: “it’s so sad, I feel so sorry for her, look at what happened to her, she was once ...” You feel the same about yourself. You withdraw and isolate to avoid the embarrassment, shame, and all of that pity. Sadly, for many, things never change, you’re stuck in this state of suspension. You have no idea how long that might last. For far too few, hope arrives just in time with the promise of recovery. It allows you to imagine all the possibilities and to take back control of your life, slowly at first but gathering steam over time. You gain a deeper appreciation of what life should be all about having lost it and now regained it. Mental illness may take a lot away from us, but the struggle can ultimately help bring us closer to understanding the meaning of our lives. Recovery can lead to true awakening.

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