welcome! people like us living with or supporting someone with mental illness!


Ponte NYC, LLC

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RecoveryBoosters’ gifts are carefully selected and seek to provide comfort to those suffering from depression. Our diverse collection is comprised of high quality and thoughtful items which are also value priced to be very accessible. In the context of mental illness, it is really the thoughtfulness of the gift that matters most, and thoughtfulness and price are not necessarily correlated. The most precious gift to someone with depression may cost nothing at all. Please see our Show Collection.


Orders will ship within 2-4 weeks.

Returns and Refunds

Gifts may be returned and refunded, subject to exemptions as noted in individual product notes, but the purchaser must return the gift in its original state (unopened packaging) and is responsible for return shipping costs using a reputable and trackable method. Refunds will be processed shortly after receipt of returned gifts.