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Learning is living.

“The Academy of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery (“the Academy”) provides whole lifelong career learning in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Wellness, Resiliency, and Recovery through vetted and important training and continuing education opportunities for professionals in the field. The Academy’s in-person, live webinar, and on-demand course offerings provide educational opportunities for all levels of knowledge and experience; from those new to the field, to mid-level and senior staff and future leaders, to Program Directors and Chief Executives. The Academy’s faculty are leading experts in psychiatric rehabilitation, to provide quality training and education through a combination of positive learning experiences and exceptions. With a learner-centered philosophy, the Academy has standardized instructional design to strengthen learning, identify best practices, and ensure consistency, regardless of the presenting faculty. The Academy achieves overall training goals through collaboration with like-minded groups and academic institutions, as well as people in recovery and peer support specialists.”

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