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Story: Critical self-care typically focuses on use of health care providers and should provide a foundation for integrating complementary self-care. With critical self-care in place, a deliberate focus on complementary self-care can be extremely important for many people with mental illness. Critical self-care allowed me to achieve stability and recovery. Complementary self-care allows me to supplement and expand treatment where critical self-care may stop. These additional disciplines, focused on wellness of mind, body, and spirit, allow me to live an even fuller and more meaningful life. These services will vary by individual but may include specialized therapy, coping strategies, nutrition, exercise, and spiritual practices. These disciplines allow us to better identify and manage the activities and emotions that adversely impact our mental health and that may interfere with critical self-care. It is advisable to check on the suitability and appropriateness of complementary self-care approaches with health care providers who may provide helpful advice and suggestions. Our Treatment Survey and Collaborative Care Plan will help identify and integrate these services into your treatment plan.  

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