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Story: Self-care is about taking proper care of yourself and treating yourself kindly. It begins with prioritizing critical self-care, including that provided by health care providers, and expands to complementary self-care. Notably, each person’s recovery strategy should be tailored to their individual needs and circumstances. Critical self-care typically focuses on use of health care providers and should provide a foundation for integrating complementary health and wellness disciplines to achieve fuller and more meaningful lives. Making the best-informed selection of providers may involve and seek the counsel of various health care providers and collaboration with loved ones. This process should be person-directed with your key input and ownership. In particular, it is useful to identify your treatment objectives - like stability, less sedation, and weight control - upfront to guide the treatment approach. To assist in this process, we created our Treatment Survey, which you can use to assess your current care, and also our Collaborative Care Plan to develop a specific recovery strategy. You can access both from the ForLikeMinds homepage, top-of-the page, Resources tab.

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