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Description: Felted wool baskets. Crocheted and felted 100% wool baskets, exterior dark orange, interior light orange. Dimensions: small 5" diameter, 3.5" tall, medium 7" diameter, 4" tall.

Story: What I love most about these baskets are not that they are as beautiful as they are, but that they are lovingly made with great care and skill by Erin, my neighbor in the country. You can find more of Erin’s works at the Modern DreamThey are also huge bunny and stray cat aficionados. I love that she and her husband chose to live in the country when they could have lived in the city, that quality of life mattered more. Even though I was born, raised and have always lived in large cities, I have never felt better, more rested and at peace than in the country where I spend my weekends. Being able to spend as much time as I do in the country has definitely benefited my mental health. 

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