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Description: 25 Hersey Kisses in a small burlap bag.

Story: A sweet way to show you care regardless of whether or not they might contribute to you loved one’s weight. While I was ill, people attributed my significant weight gain after my first hospitalization to poor diet and being lazy. It wasn't my diet or spending too much time sitting or lying that caused my weight gain - it was being on Zyprexa. In 3 months I gained over 60 pounds. Even when I came off it, I couldn't lose the weight, because I was on another medication that made it difficult to lose weight. My self-esteem was deeply impacted. The only clothes I would buy were sweatpants and hoodies. I hated it when people would call me fat, overweight – tell me I had gained so much weight, call me lazy. They seemed not to understand my condition at all. When you feel your misunderstood you are highly reluctant to talk about your condition at all. My new psychiatrist carefully developed a medication regimen that minimized side effects for me, which encouraged me to stay medically compliant. In two years, I’ve lost over 60 pounds.

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