welcome! people like us living with or supporting someone with mental illness!

Our Story

RecoveryBoosters offers simple tools and resources to support recovery from mental illness. We have curated a collection of gifts for people with depression and empowerment messages that should enrich support relationships and personal recovery journeys.  It is inspired by our founder Katherine Ponte’s experiences living with severe bipolar I disorder for over 15 years, including major depressive disorder. During this time, it was very difficult for her loved ones to connect with her, especially at times when she was most ill. Maintaining these relationships can be very helpful to recovery.  Each gift and message reflects Katherine’s personal insights into the types of resources and support that helped in her recovery journey. However, we acknowledge and respect that each person has his/her own unique experiences. Our greatest hope is that our gifts and messages will help people affected by mental illness to self-empower and encourage loved ones.

This shop is dedicated to my mom. Mom: thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for your constant flow of thoughtful gifts of love. They always made me feel loved.

Mental health recovery is central to the mission of our broader mental health platform, which includes our sister-site ForLikeMinds.  ForLikeMinds is dedicated to the recovery and wellness of people affected by mental illness, substance use or stressful life events.  We believe it is possible for people with mental illness, including serious mental illness, to live a full and meaningful life with that illness.  That is our definition of mental health recovery.  While our mental health experiences vary with our personal backgrounds, taking ownership over the condition and sharing lived experience can be very effective in achieving and maintaining recovery from mental illness.  ForLikeMinds provides a platform for connecting, learning, and sharing insights with people in similar circumstances living with or supporting someone with a condition.  RecoveryBoosters offers messages and gifts to support mental health recovery.

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