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Description: Simple Step Counter Walking 3D Pedometer with Lanyard, A420S. Simple & easy to use, track your daily steps, accurate reading, extra large digital display, batter included.

Story: I was out of shape for a very long time while I was depressed. It took tremendous effort to get back into shape and I’m still working on it. I started by going on short walks, then longer walks, walks in the park and walks in the country. It’s far easier to do so in the company of others and if you have a dog. After I started to feel better about myself and developed a bit more endurance, I started to workout at a gym. I started to work out with a trainer who motivated me and encouraged me to do things beyond my comfort zone. Now, I work out on my own 4-5 times a week. It’s not an intensive workout - usually only 30 minutes on an elliptical and 10 minutes in the steam room - but it makes a difference. I usually go to the gym with my spouse, which helps keep me motivated. In addition to changes in my medication regimen, it helped me to lose over 60 pounds in two years, making me feel a lot better about myself.

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