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Description: Meditations by J. Krishnamurti. Paperback, 152 pages, 4.25” by 6.75”. Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) when from his origins in a small south Indian village to become one of the great spiritual teachers of the twentieth century. He taught that the only way to create peace on earth is to transform the human psyche – buth that there is no path to this transformation, no method for achieving it, and no gurus nor spiritual authorities who can help. Rather, the transformation is a truth that each of us must discover within ourselves. This classic. Collection of brief excerpts from Krishnamurti’s books and talks presents the essence of his teaching on meditation – a start of attention beyond thought, which brings total freedom from authority and ambition, fears and separateness.

Story:  In many ways, mental illness is experienced as a condition of contemplation. The very essence of the mental illness can be a distortion in how we experience and contemplate our reality. It can be a scary and stark reality that we see through this lens of mental illness. My own bipolar disorder forced me to contemplate both the future and the past. Perhaps it was avoiding the present that prolonged the worst of my illness.  I contemplated a new reality before me which diverged from the path set by my former self. If I contemplated the past events that led to my break, then I left myself vulnerable to those memories triggering a new episode or frustrating my recovery. It was only when I accepted the present and found hope in contemplating a healthy and productive future that I could move towards recovery.  This recovery journey has largely been one of reconciling my future self with my past to experience the present more and more fully.

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