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Description: Why You're My Bestie Fill-In-The-Blank Journal, hardcover, 4.5” × 3.25”, 112 pages. Each page includes a prompt and you fill in the blanks to personalize it for your loved one.

Story: I believe everyone should have one great friend and wish that everyone did, but I sadly know this is just not the case. I feel truly blessed to have a couple. They are the persons I can turn to any time. The persons I can always count on. The persons who know my long history, can put me into context, have seen me in good times and in bad times, and truly care about me. They do not restrict our conversations to 45 minutes and not a second more. To me they are my best therapists and they don’t cost any money at all. I don’t need to be in constant contact with them. I don’t need to text them every day. Just knowing that they are available gives me comfort. I actually only speak with them every few weeks – I feel our conversations are richer and better than if I spoke to them every day. And, I always try to reciprocate, I’m always there for them too. I would do anything for my best friends because I value all of their love and care. I very strongly believe if people had more friends, took the time to develop meaningful relationships, they would not need therapists as much and they’d feel much better too. I sometimes think of therapy as outsourced friendships often at a significant cost and inaccessible to so many. When you have mental illness friendships are especially important. I dearly love those friends who stuck around - now that is true friendship.    

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